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2013-03-14 22:09:50 by Demon-Slayer12

New song, new video. I call it "Death Metalingus", it was the first thing to pop in my head.. haha


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2013-03-15 00:51:47

Haha there we go. Hahaha, getting 6 comments would be quite nice though, I figured you'd have a WTF reaction to that. :P

Fucking thrash.


2013-03-14 23:31:45

Holy fucking shit sorry about that...I clicked the submit comment button like 5 times and it actually sent the same comment five times. Fail.

Demon-Slayer12 responds:

Haha, I was like "wtf, 6 comments???? Teh peeple luv meh!"

I left one there, deleted the other ones.

Fucking Thrash.


2013-03-14 23:31:07